Crackpot Internet Scientist of the Week

The Final Theory — A Scientific Revolution has Arrived! Reclaim your birthright of understanding, and get answers to all those pesky unresolved questions your high school physics teacher refused to talk about, like:

Q: How can a fridge magnet cling against gravity
endlessly without draining a power source?

A: It can’t … fridge magnets are impossible according to
today’s science. […] Endless magnetic
energy apparently emanates from permanent magnets without
any explanation in our science. The only explanation that any
physicist will give for this mystery is that there is no mystery at
all since the magnet isn’t moving, which gives a zero result if
you plug this into the Work Function. No physicist will discuss
this matter further.


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    There are plenty of other magnetically inspired lunatics out there …

  2. Ferro Lad wrote:

    Made it halfway thru first sample chapter… then… head hurt…

  3. Simon wrote:

    Bah! Everyone knows it’s the little guy turning on the fridge light when the door opens who does all the work…

  4. Justin wrote:

    Oi, keep them words coming. This non-drivel is going straight into my SATISFYING BLOG folder.

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