Lazy RSS Roundup

A couple of my coworkers have been saying things like “they’re giving you responsibilities, that means they must like you!” but seems to me that’s kinda like saying “that bear ate your son, it musta really thought the boy was tasty!” – tasty or not, it precludes heavy lifting on the blog, anyway.

  • Are people with eczema more disgusting than slugs? I don’t know, ’cause the Beeb’s disgust survey hasn’t shown me any slugs yet. But there’ve been lots of plates of colored goo! And evolutionary psychologists predicting that kittens are yucky!
  • dog found!
  • Last night I dreamed that there was an earthquake. Then I dreamed that it wasn’t an earthquake, just Peter getting really cold and shivering to make the futon rumble. It was neither! How’s that for accurate prophesy?
  • Surely some clever genius can combine elements from the old roll-yer-own sarcastic Bush/Kerry campaign sign generators with this custom McDonald’s promotion sign generator? I’d like my banner to have a flag on it or something.
    Downer Cows for Bush
  • Two comments on transitional spaces which would probably taste great together on a more thinkier day: joseph on Los Angeles (scroll down, it’s a comment; joseph’s own blog is well worth noting too) and Rana on that little slice of land between on-ramps.

(two links via BoingBoing)


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