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The coolant pixies live in a very short hose that runs from one thingy to another thingy underneath the thing. I deduced this myself, after running the very simple experiment of filling up the radiator and watching coolant drip onto the ground. It’s a slow enough leak to get me to work tomorrow, I think, and to Pep Boys at lunch – but I joined AAA just in case.

They offer nerd discounts on auto insurance! I feel so special; we’ll see if it actually saves me money. Meanwhile, my hands smell like antifreeze, sweet and oddly compelling yet still utterly poisonous. And I’m wondering: just what kind of shitty-ass hack mechanic would fail to find this leak? Sure, a few miles of driving may have blown it open some, but still it’s right there.


  1. Rana wrote:

    Ooh, coolant pixies. Not good. I hope they’re not related to oil gasket pixies; I once had a Corsica in which they chose to blow the gasket right over the expensive electronic thing (cost half the resale value of the car to fix!). Then their friends the metal fatigue pixies took out the driver’s seat!
    I still miss my Bug. That was a cool car, and easy and cheap to fix. Still, my Honda keeps me happy enough these days.

  2. yami wrote:

    Yes – as it turned out, the leak was *not* slow enough to get me to work, and I had to pull off and baby the car to a mechanic. They recommended replacing pretty much every single hose in the system – $200, youch. But it was time for a coolant flush anyway, and the Powers that Be said I could just take the day off, hoorah!

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