Rhubarb-Banana Bread?

The ever-beguiling Chocolate and Zucchini has a recipe for cranberry banana bread; sounds like an excellent way to use a few more of those big $1 bags of almost-bad bananas that haunt the “reduced for quick sale” produce cart. It also sounds like an excellent reason to think about solar ovens, because gas ones and 100 degree afternoons just don’t mix. Everything makes me think about solar ovens these days; when the wind blows from the Pacific again I’ll get over it.

Anyway, cranberries. They’re wonderful, but they’re also out of season, and I wasn’t clever enough to fill my freezer with the post-Thanksgiving sales. But I think rhubarb is really the cranberry of spring – sweet-tart without the puckering acidity of citrus, and shockingly tasty over roast meat. The next question is, will rhubarb sauce be as good a moistening agent as applesauce, or do I still have to put in the usual amount of margarine?


  1. yami wrote:

    The answer, erstwhile Googlers, is that you should throw some little chunks of raw rhubarb into your usual banana bread recipe, as you would do with nuts. The rhubarb will turn into delightfully gooey and delicious morsels when cooked.

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