Hvid Chokolade delice “kronprinsparret”

For dessert, the Danish Kronprins Fred and his new wife are eating white chocolate mousse with rhubarb sorbet, yum! I confess that the mousse sounds like too much fuss for me but one can probably substitute instant pudding. Certainly a crust of “digestive biscuits” wouldn’t strain anything, though there’s always danger of getting mired in the cracker-cookie aisle when deciding between graham crackers and nilla wafers, and coming out with nothing but Triskets and a cube of gjetost.

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  1. Mads wrote:

    I love your site, but there is no way you can substitute instant pudding for chocolate mousse. Please post an apology.

  2. yami wrote:

    No apologies! I’m not so elitist as to say that those who haven’t the time, money, or expertise for chocolate mousse can’t make do with what they’ve got.

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