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This is by way of an “I oughta post” post, because I was in the mountains most of last week and will be in Iowa most of this week, and I spent most of this evening mulching and planting (the other surviving watermelon seedling, an eggplant, and some thyme, and I hope I can curb my herbaceous compulsions for a while) so I’m not feeling particularly funny or thoughtful. So! On with the peanut gallery.

The peanut gallery wants:


As in, multiple Dalais? What would happen if you stuck the Dalai Lama in a kaleidoscope so that there were a zillion of him all grinning serenely?

where is it found

I assume such a kaleidoscope would be deep underneath the Tibetan Himalayas, or perhaps on top of them; either way not a trivial thing to visit.

what do they eat

Dalai Lamas eat meat in moderation, if their doctors tell them to. But I don’t think anyone needs to eat much when stuck inside a kaleidoscope to grin serenely at intrepid explorers hungry for ancient mysteries. Maybe a bowl of barley and a glass of yak milk every couple decades would be enough.

how mant crummybears can you eat in a minuet?

Or maybe Dalai Lamas eat crummybears when they’re inside kaleidoscopes, okay. I didn’t know they danced minuets though. I suppose the total crummybear consumption would depend on the length of the minuet – is this one of those little minuets Bach wrote for his second wife, or one o’ them fancy minuet-trio-minuet movements in a string quartet?

gabbro rocks

Rock’n’roll does not do the minuet. It does not even waltz, so you’re knocking on the wrong rock there.

i like dogs

Dogs that minuet! Inside a kaleidoscope! With the Dalai Lama! There’s a black velvet painting to be made of that scene for sure.

this site rocks.. I love rocks…

No, you love dogs dancing minuets inside kaleidoscopes with the Dalai Lama!

usses of

Oh, enough pretending, my theme has fallen apart for the night and I’m tired.

Can you go anywhere? YES!



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