God Bless the Beeb

Dude dude dude dude dude! All you Britishes need to keep licensing your televisions, that’s all I can say. That, and aaaaaah the ducks!

(via mefi and defective yeti, respectively)


  1. des wrote:

    I don’t have a TV licence, but then again I also don’t have a TV. (The licence persons find this terribly confusing, of course.)

  2. yami wrote:

    Yes, well, it’s terribly confusing! How’re you supposed to support your state-supported radio programs (”programmes”) without a TV?

  3. des wrote:

    To say nothing of the website, which is fairly clearly an anti-competitive news-dumpning operation. But no one objects for we love it so!
    There did used to be a separate radio license; I don’t know quite why they stopped…

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