Note to the California Legislature: Please Kill More Kitties

The lovably zany California state goverment really needs to suck it up and raise taxes, but every so often someone proposes a spending cut I can actually support – or at least proposes to eliminate a mandate of indeterminate but non-negligible cost, which I assume will produce some spending cuts at some level. There’s a million zillion things more important than food for feral dogs.

I hate it when people place animal welfare above human welfare. I sent the following note to my state legislators, and fellow California residents are hereby encouraged to do likewise.

Dear Local Embodiments of my Will to Democracy, which is a Very Strong Will Indeed:

I read with interest an article in today’s L.A. Times about Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed repeal of the Hayden Act, and I am writing to express my qualified support for his proposal.

I believe some provisions of the Hayden Act should be kept, including the requirement that shelters attempt to locate owners of pets with implanted microchips, and the requirement that those convicted of animal cruelty be made to pay for veterinary treatment of the animals they injure. But shelters should have the flexibility to quickly euthanize dogs and cats that won’t make good pets, saving limited resources for highly adoptable animals.

At the end of the day, people are more important than pets. If repealing
the Hayden Act would allow cities and counties to spend less on animal
shelters, and more on homeless shelters, then I’m all for it.

etc etc etc

While I’m thinking about it – I’m sure you’ve all seen some of the many and varied web sites where you can send pre-written form letters to the appropriate government officials with an absolute minimum of effort, yeah? I think it’d be super-swell to have something like that for form letters submitted by the general public. Just think of the access to the crackpot zeitgeist!

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