Two Questions For You

  1. I’m actually satisfied with the type and quantity of email accountage I possess. But not only do all the cool kids have Gmail accounts, my lame-o coworkers have Gmail accounts. How did I fall so far behind the trend? And is anyone going to help me catch up? Graham Leuschke is my newest and heroest hero!
  2. Somewhen, somewhere, there was a trick floating around for managing all the crap that normally appears in a blog sidebar: mini-tabs. Some fancypants script swapped, on demand/click, bio, links, and crappity-crap, so only one was displayed at once while everything was readily accessible without reloading. Anyone know what I’m thinking of here, and where I can see it in use?


  1. David (TEFL Smiler) wrote:

    Plok uses those things. You’ll find him at:

  2. yami wrote:

    Indeed, that’s one way to do it, tak! Plok uses rather more form elements than I was envisioning, but since I’m unable to coherently describe what I’m thinking of I might just have to try a prototype without benefit of examples.

  3. yami wrote:

    Getting warmer: show/hide sidebar gadgets.

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