PSA: Dental Hygiene

  1. Go to the dentist regularly.
  2. Salivar pH levels vary from person to person; if you have acidic spit, you should eat the whole box of chocolates at once rather than spacing it out through the day, and rinse your mouth with water immediately afterwards, and then brush your teeth five times when you get home. If you have neutral spit, just shut up, okay?
  3. No, really, your teeth don’t have shit for internal diagnostics, they need to be checked on a regular basis even if they don’t hurt and you don’t have a dental plan.
  4. You know there’s a lot of people in this world who would love to have the nice root canals we have in America.

I have only a 50/50 chance of a root canal, depending on the performance of a rather large chunk of composite filling… and two cavities apart from that. Sigh.


  1. Rana wrote:

    Ah, dentistry. I’ve had so many fingers and weird devices shoved in my mouth (and teeth removed) over the years — wait, I didn’t mean that quite like that came out! — that my strongest emotion while there is “God, this is tedious.” Followed by “It’s over. And, yay, my teeth are smooth again!”
    That said, I need to make an appointment sometime soon. Crooked teeth (even after all sorts of orthodontia!) and tartar-proneness are not a good combination. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. yami wrote:

    I’ve had root canals before, and am also struck mostly by the tedium of it, especially once they’ve destroyed your tooth and are poking around in the roots – but the squeal of the drill and the smell of powdered old fillings and tooth gets me every time, like fingernails on chalkboard but worse and in my mouth. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Rana wrote:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *shivers remembering the smell/sound too*

  4. Washington Hygienist wrote:

    That eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sound, along with the fact that most people hate dentists, is the reason that dentists have one of the highest suicide rates. LOL

    Can you imagine hearing eeeeeeeeeeeeee and kids screaming in your dreams every night?????

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