Pimp Mah Blawg!

It really has been a while since I’ve done any serious tinkering here; the backlog of utterly frivolous scripts and crap add-ons is just immense. And sometimes you just gotta fix what ain’t broken, but I’m tellin’ you, it will be pimpin’.

Before such an eventuality can eventuate, I must complete a list of tasks, which I have put in the extended entry. If you’re also looking to add doohickeys to your Movable Type weblog, or you’ve secretly been hoping that I’d implement Doohickey X expressly for your inexplicable selfish pleasure, you might read on; otherwise, it’s very very dull.

  1. Create a LazyBlog, for quick links.
  2. Write up sidebar boxes as files for php includes.
  3. Implement collapsing sidebar cookie gadgets.
  4. Install SimpleComments.
  5. All those goddamn templates: comments, comment preview, search results, archives, blah blah blah. Make them all pretty-lookin, and while I’m at it, get the comment links in monthly/category archives to work correctly.
  6. Validate code.
  7. Check design in IE at work. If it’s awful, fuck IE.
  8. Go back through Dive Into Accessibility, make sure I haven’t forgotten anything important.
  9. Con readers with crap old browsers into checking for elegant degradation.
  10. Redo non-blog pages and photoblog to match, with header-bar for universal branding, hoorah!
  11. Make a cleverer pan-archive index.
  12. Put in a paginating plugin – some of the category archives are getting unacceptably ginormous.
  13. Optimize Google-ju

As afterthoughts:


  1. Harrison wrote:

    Blogtinkery soothes the savaged heart…

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