Moment Tensors as a Heuristic Discourse that Goes “Burble, Burble”

So my curiosity and I were piqued by mention of a lit-crit/humanities project requiring in-depth knowledge of general relativity, chez All Day Permanent Red. Unless it is a discussion of historical physics research papers qua literature and the broader cultural narratives constructed therein (“science studies“), I have no idea what it is. And it could be anything:

Theorists of the postmodern crisis, (if you will excuse that drippy generalization), think that Kant s attempt to separate [aesthetic and ethical] judgment failed. Ultimately, it was an attempt to maintain Christian ethics, replacing the religious justification with justification grounded in Reason itself.

With the collapse of this distinction, literature ceases to mean anything. Literature is everything and nothing.

Literature! Horning in on everyone else’s grant monies, eh?

There are more ways in which I remain confused about the long-term goals of those who “borrow” bits of science for nefarious humanistic ends, but it’s too insistently bedtime to enumerate them.

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  1. Harrison wrote:

    Hey, we’ve got to get grant money somehow. No body else will give it to us. And keep in mind — as I’m sure you realize — that I’m just one very common, but by no means ubiquitous, theory of literary studies.

  2. yami wrote:

    Mind-in kept it is, then! I’m still processing; keep in mind that I lack many of the reference points one gains in a liberal arts education, and my questions are probably much simpler than you think they are.

  3. Harrison wrote:

    Mind-in-kept here too. Interesting typo in my post. Of course I meant to say something like “this is just one theory” rather than “I am just one very common theory.”

  4. yami wrote:

    Heh. I actually like thinking of you as the personification of a theory of literary studies; it makes my life feel that much more like absurdist theater.

  5. Harrison wrote:

    Gah! Have to give another “manual trackback”

  6. Harrison wrote:

    Oh, I sorta like the idea as well. I am a common literary theory.
    One day, I’ll be better than common, sir!

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