The Goth Old Party?

In my wild flailing Google for the perfect election gear, I came across a discussion forum for right-wing goths. It’s two obnoxious tastes that taste, when combined, kinda like a bunch of young conservatives learning to find a voice in political satire. Which I imagine to taste somewhat like salt licorice.

As is often the case, it’s all too heavy-handed to be actually funny, but right-wing goths are still a damn sight better than that *&$%#** “I’m hilarious and subversive and hard-hitting and original because I talk about how Doonesbury is dumb!” Mallard Fillmore. And now I’m really truly going to bed.


  1. Rana wrote:

    Oy, Mallard Fillmore. I thought I’d successfully blocked out all knowledge of that strip. (I’m still surprised that our rag of a paper doesn’t inflict it on us, along with its stupendously unfunny rightish political cartoons.)

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