Weekend Review

  1. Went to a focus group Friday night, subject: television. Was hoping for an intimate atmosphere where I could fail to impress anyone with my sparkling snarky comments; instead, had to write WHO BUYS THIS SHIT??? in the free-response box after viewing a commercial for some kind of over-engineered storytelling air freshener. Perhaps some data-entry temp worker will be entertained by my brief summary of the situation in Darfur as it relates to the ethics of publicizing capitalism’s absurdist excreta.
  2. Took the GRE on Saturday, and utterly 0wnzøred the quantitative reasoning (as they say in common parlance). For once I actually sat down and answered the questions that were asked, as opposed to similar questions not asked at all. Did okay on the rest of it as well; my “analyze an argument” argument was about earthquakes. Ha!

    I am so smart, SMRT! Now I’ll go to grad school and feel stupid again for another half-decade or more, hoorah!

  3. Our dish drainer is on top of the fridge, for lack of counter space and because we can’t be bothered to keep the table clear. It’s taken quite the toll on our dishes – even indestructible plastic bowls will break falling from that height. I broke the last one today, and had to make an emergency run to Goodwill. $2.72 for four cereal bowls, estimated lifespan, 3 months.

    But what I wonder is: why do people like such shallow bowls? Or perhaps they don’t like them much at all, given how many of them seem to end up at Goodwill for me to puzzle over on my way to the deeply curved scaled-up tea cup style bowls, the correct kind of bowl, hiding at the back of the shelf with the commemorative shot glasses.


  1. Rana wrote:

    The only reason I can think of for shallow bowls is cream-type soups in stuffy settings. i.e. not for me.
    Me, I prefer ones that are half-spheres. The other ones are plates _trying_ to be bowls.

  2. yami wrote:

    Yes, exactly. Although, come to think of it, I do like the plate-bowls for spaghetti; makes it easier to swoosh the sauce around without making a(s much of a) mess.

  3. wolfangel wrote:

    I like deep bowls. But my roommate one year had deep bowls that were squareish, which I loved.
    Shallow bowls also work better for a fruit crisp with ice cream and for chilis or curries on rice.
    I continue to be So Glad I still did the GRE when the quant section was still quant. I liked that section lots.

  4. yami wrote:

    Yeah. I’m sure I would’ve done well on the old-school Logic. Ah, well, the perils of youth.

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