Ergonomics Loves My Desk

So, desks. My desk at home doesn’t have drawers; it’s not so much a desk as a repurposed side table.

My desk at work has two columns of drawers. No desk I have ever worked at, that had two columns of drawers, has ever had a sufficiently wide knee cubby. Do the same people design desks who design women’s shoes? I’m not unusually fidgety but man am I ever sick of banging my knees.


  1. simona wrote:

    You’re telling me. My Japanese desk has a metal support bar running underneath it through the knee cubby, at shin level. The cubby is too short to lift my legs over the bar without backing my chair out first, and the pencil drawer gets caught on me and opens whenever I stand up. Now at ACT, the women’s-dress-shoe issue ran into the keyboard tray, so I had to insert myself sideways in order to properly enter data, and put the keyboard away to answer the phone. Seriously, WTF?

  2. Rana wrote:

    Oh, my desk is pure evil. I had to remove the central drawer just to keep my knees from being permanently bruised, and I bonk myself on the sides of the cubby on a daily basis.
    Don’t get me started on the chair

  3. yami wrote:

    Chairs for some reason don’t bother me as much – maybe it’s because the pains caused by bad posture are so much less immediate?

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