AAA Pays Off

I got off the freeway (and might I add that I had just spent half an hour erasing traffic compression waves at 5 mph? I think I might! This rain has been rainy for sure, but it’s clearly not in excess of the design storm, for any reasonable choice of design storm. The fact that three lanes were flooded out of commission can therefore be blamed on civil engineers. Bad civil engineers!) – anyway, I got off the freeway, and hey isn’t it curious how much I have to step on the brake before stopping? And how I have to step a little more at this light than I did at the last? And how I don’t seem to be stopping at all?

Maybe I should’ve done one of those N-point safety inspections. Or paid more attention to my dashboard light, the one that says “brake” that’s usually for the parking brake but was also on all yesterday, but you know how dashboard lights are, always wanting attention like a fucking whiny puppy.

Hell, snapped brake lines are what emergency brakes are meant for! And I cleverly used the parking brake to drive in to the nearest parking lot, which happened to also be my office. I bet it was the most exciting day in the parking brake’s life!

AAA is really the best thing ever – unlike conventional insurance companies with tow insurance add-ons, they’re too stupid to charge extra for shitty cars. And one free tow justifies a whole year’s worth of dues! I’m expecting at least a 200% return on investment here, not even counting the maps.


  1. Rana wrote:

    AAA is great. They’ve dealt with several rather old, cranky cars on my behalf. I particularly love that it doesn’t have to be MY car; I just have to be a passenger with an AAA account.
    Their insurance policies are pretty good too.

  2. yami wrote:

    Yeah, my current insurance is up next month, and I know AAA offers a 5% nerd discount… I should get a quote.

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