Election Surprise: Squid!

  • The results of this election don’t matter. Why? We’re all about to be eaten by global warming-enabled giant squid, that’s why. [Via Worldchanging]
  • I’m going to reload the BBC’s results page every five minutes for the next half hour, squealing like a stuck pig every time. Then I’m watching the Gilmore Girls and heading off to the volunteer party.

    I feel like something the cat is currently dragging in. I bought Martinelli’s instead of champagne, for the one hand, and orange juice instead of vodka for the other – but even teetotalling is probably not enough to stave off this cold. However I’ll be damned if I forego the chance to suffer/rejoice with compatriots for at least a little while.

  • What’s the conventional wisdom about the kinds of precincts that get their counts finished and reported early?
  • Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’ve gotten a couple hundred extra hits in the past few days for my judicial endorsements. Due to the vagaries of Google-ju they’ve been mostly for the Office 52 contest; if Ms. Priver wins by a small margin, then, I and my bot-optimized heading tags fully intend to take credit.
  • I’ve never been this invested in an election before. Eeeeeeek! I should write a reflection – but not until after the party tonight.


  1. denisdekat wrote:

    Not to worry, the Queen of Englad will save us! Or wqas it God save us from the Queen? I forget
    Just kidding, but you got to admit, it is cool that more folks are noticing.

  2. yami wrote:

    And she has quite the hat to do it in!

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