Shameless Begging

…but it’s for a good cause. I just now signed up for a candlelit fundraising walk this Saturday, with an ambitious goal of five bucks over the minimum sponsorship. The money goes to the AIDS service center and Elizabeth Glasier pediatric AIDS foundation – and you can sponsor me on the Internet! Which I hear they have on the broadcast spectrum now.


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    Not from Abroadia with a credit card, I can’t…

  2. yami wrote:

    Pah, forrin monies, isn’t it? They actually do allow credit cards, I think, once you get past a “paypal is cheaper for us” screen – but maybe not from Terrist Abroadia.

  3. des von bladet wrote:

    I was following the Credid Card Track when I was thwarted, for sure.
    If someone could lend me a valid USAian address for to which my “goods” might be “delivered”, I could probably get it to work.

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