An N Things Post: N=2, Politics

  1. Been meaning to link to two posts as Mousewords on feminism as a frame for the Democratic party: I: bouncing off the marginalization of women in the punditry and II: a succinct followup:

    You cannot reply to accusations that your side doesn’t have a vision of family and sexual morals with morals involving economic justice and war. Yes, those are moral values. But the war seems far away and economy too far out of control. Gender issues and family issues are things that are part of every person’s life.

    Liberals can’t see [the Republican success from endorsing machismo (I mishmashed the quotes a bit here, one paragraph from each post –y)] because of the distancing of liberalism from feminism. Liberal men are invested in the male mystique, too, and don’t want to openly align themselves with “feminized” politics of equality. We don’t speak the essential language of gender and we get our asses kicked repeatedly.

    Not much to say other than “Yaaaaaa! Grr!” – it’s an oversimplified framework, but I’m not giving in to the urge to marginalize feelings of righteous anger in favor of fitting this post into the conventional point-counterpoint. It’s a bullshit dialectic, yo.

  2. Dad went to high school with Mike Johanns, and I’ve been thinking of ways to parlay this tenuous connection into something sparklingly witty or even just a few moments of attention. But no one seems to be very excited about the USDA, so it’s been tricky. Sigh.

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