Trombones of Great Injustice

Goodness, isn’t Joe Lieberman a hideous piece of slime? No slimier, I suppose, than the 59 other Senators who voted to confirm Alberto “It’s Not Torture If The President Approves” Gonzales – but it’s much more satisfying to pick on a slug in sheep’s clothing.

Anyway! Look at Lieberman’s charming remarks about the use of the word “quaint” to describe the Geneva Conventions!

I think, respectfully, Judge Gonzales was being restrained and diplomatic in using the word “quaint.” To offer these benefits […] the ability to receive scientific equipment, musical instruments or sports outfits […] would not be quaint, it would be offensive. It would be ridiculous. It would be ultimately unjust.

Joe Lieberman would be offended if I tried to send a trombone to an imprisoned family member – and they say feminists are overly sensitive! To be fair, he was specifically talking about sending a musical instrument to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, so perhaps he wouldn’t find it offensive if I tried to mail a trombone to someone who was being held in Gitmo indefinitely without trial.

Terrorist suspects are not generally well-known for their trombone skills, so it probably would be ridiculous if I chose one at random and mailed him a trombone. Plus trombones are more expensive than the usual amount of my charitable contributions, and that’s not even counting postage. Yes, it would definitely be ridiculous – I guess one out of three ain’t bad. No wonder this man was almost Vice President!

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