Questions Re: Eyebrows

I’m having an eyebrow-hair-falling-outing day today. Eyebrow hairs all over my cheeks, in my fingers when I scratch my forehead, everywhere. I would make a lot of wishes, but I think that only works for eyelashes.

Is there a punishment for blowing your eyebrow off your fingertip and making a wish?

Am I going to be eaten by the eyebrow police?


  1. Rana wrote:

    Nope. But if you make a wish, it will come out slantwise. Like if you wish for a monkey, you will get a squid. And then what would you do with all the extra bananas?

  2. yami wrote:

    I would eat them! And then I might eat the squid, too, if I was still hungry and had a deep fryer handy. Because the squid probably wouldn’t come with its own salt water tank.
    These slantwise wishes aren’t so hard. Too bad I’m all out of eyebrows.

  3. LDH wrote:

    Wasn’t “I’m all out of eyebrows” a B-side for Air Supply?…

  4. yami wrote:

    If not, it shoulda been. I demand an mp3! And a squid; maybe I should go find some calamari for lunch.
    You know you’ve got a great day ahead of you when you’re thinking about lunch at 9 AM. Sigh.

  5. Rana wrote:

    Mmm… calamari. I adore those tiny little tentacles on the baby ones!
    Maybe if I eye-brow wish for raisins I’ll get some?

  6. yami wrote:

    Maybe – but you might also get jellyfish. Or giant olives rendered as cheap carnival-prize stuffed animals!

  7. Steven Kinlin wrote:

    Hi My name is Steve Kinlin My question is I didn’t Like the way that some of my eyebrow hair was lookingon my left eye so just last night I cut some hairs not many but now there is a little bit of a bald spot there and also right next to it there is a little bit of hair that is going straight doiwn instead of across My question is. Is the hair going straight down the result of my cutting the hairs that are right next to it because the hair going straight down was never noticable until after I cut the hairs right next to it on the same eye brow of course. Will the hairs that I cut grow back again and will the hair that’s growing straight down fix it’self so that it is growing in the right direction again. Or siuld I cut that hair? Or maybe use an eyebrow pencil of my color wich i’m a red head so red or brown. Or maybe take it to a hair salon and get an eye brow waxing. I mean is there a home remedy to get it to go in the right direction again?

    Thank you so much for your time!!

    Please email me with your response I would really appreciate it

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