Bad Carma

O Diesel! O Lords of the Highway! O Fickle Imps, who dwelleth in my dash!

What have I done? How can I appease your wrath?

The car worked fine when I bought it. Yesterday, sometime between morning and quittin’ time, the turn signal relay died. So here I am this morning, driving along at 65 mph, window rolled down and making absurd uninterpretable arm signals to the traffic, when kerSMACK!!, my back window explodes. Actually it wasn’t so much an explosion as a sudden transformation from seamless glass to a mosaic, but it was pretty darn loud and terrifying.

I figured it was a bit of kicked-up highway debris, but no. Nothing hit my car; the window just exploded of its own accord, or more likely the rear defroster’s accord. Which shows you what I get for thinking I have a nice touch of luxury in my jalopy! Now I’ll need to knock out the pretty translucent mosaic and install some plastic wrap.

On the other hand, my turn signals are working again, hurrah!


  1. denisdekat wrote:

    Good thing is you are not hurt, could have gotten you in an accident…

  2. yami wrote:

    On the scale of scary things that have happened to my cars while driving, though, an exploding rear window hardly merits an eyeblink. I’m just glad it wasn’t the windshield.

  3. Rana wrote:

    No kidding. Scary, though!

  4. Dave wrote:

    Hi. I feel for you as I have been told by many that I have really bad carma. People actually think that something will happen to them when I am with them. I have had the window blow out on me as well except it was a side window. It seems everytime I plan things, something breaks or goes wrong.
    Good luck.

  5. Paulo wrote:

    Ummm, what signs do you get if you suffer from “Bad Carma”?

  6. Paula wrote:

    I have really bad carma going on so i went on a cruies to mexico cam back after seven days and now my carma is worst than it was before i went on vacation what do we do to get rid of it help please!!!

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