Gravity Comes from Pine Cones on Mount St. Helens

Without a radio for my morning drive, I can feel ignorance wrapping itself around my shoulders. It’s very comforting.

However, not to be missed is that Mount St. Helens is at it again. Check the Volcano Cam, kids, and here are several pretty pictures from last night.

Additionally, there’s a new Internet Crackpot of the Week, please get your shards of pottery rattling for Dan Winter and Sacred Geometry!

Only this wave music which makes self-similarity – (Golden Ratio) – allows compression to turn in to acceleration (Gravity). This explains the voltage called LIFE from gravity which fresh eggs, pine cones, and your HEART make. It also descibes for the first time WHY objects fall to the ground (charge has a way out thru light speed)- explaining for example why capacitors in a pine cone make gravity (eliminating for example the embarassing need to drive around in cars powered by dinosaurs farting).

Be sure to catch the Do You Have a Soul? Test – scroll down just below the scan from a German tabloid. I have two-elevenths of a soul.


  1. LDH wrote:

    Oooh, I have 6/11 of a soul (given the overall thrust of the questioning, though, I can’t be so sure that’s a good thing…)

  2. Sabine wrote:

    I’m glad he cleared all that up for me. Especially the part about capacitors in pine cones, because that mystery has kept me up many nights.

  3. Sabine wrote:
    He’s an uneducated wacko on the run!

  4. yami wrote:

    A copyright dispute over the ownership of crackpottery! Fabulous!

  5. Sabine wrote:

    Utterly fabulous! I’m ashamed of the time I spent reading about it.. although it was highly entertaining.

  6. denisdekat wrote:

    I love nutty sites like that, great link

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