Stuffed to the Gills

The most decadent food of all is the kind that (a) is dipped in butter and (b) leaves a huge pile of indigestible crap on the plate: shells, stems, peels, or in this case, stripped artichoke leaves. I never thought of artichokes as either decadent or very filling until tonight – the volume of discarded bits so far exceeds the volume of edible bits it’s hard to imagine that you’ve eaten anything at all, and the more you eat, the less it seems you’ve eaten – but *burp*!

So I pretty much just ate four ounces of lemon butter. Yum.


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    Lobster! It is freshly deaded for your munchning pleasure, and you need an entire toolkit to extract the really very modest edible portions.

  2. denisdekat wrote:

    I was thinking Crab, there is a great place here in frisco, they put bibs on you as the butter gets all over the place… It is a yummy mess…

  3. yami wrote:

    Watergoing crustaceans generally – shrimp! Crayfish! But not copepods!
    And soon I will be living in Frisco! Or th’ East Bay, anyway, which is close enough. Hoorah!

  4. wolfangel wrote:

    No, decadent involves lots of butter and chocolate. Also, often, nuts. Mmmmm. Chocolate.

  5. yami wrote:

    I was originally going to follow the artichokes with chocolate-dipped strawberries… but alas! My stomach failed me.

  6. Rana wrote:

    Mmm… artichokes. Chocolate.
    I love them both.
    But not chocolate-dipped artichokes.

  7. yami wrote:

    Rana, if I were a hardcore advocate of Oaxacan fusion cuisine, I’d consider that a thrown gauntlet! But I’ve never grokked the chocolate mole.

  8. wolfangel wrote:

    I am all for artichokes. But chocolate is just more decadent. I made brownie pie this weekend — because how can you do better than pie crust filled with brownie? — except it turned out really weird.
    I’ve actually never tasted (chocolate) mole[1], but think it would be good. Chocolate plus cardamom = good. Chocolate plus pepper = good. Chocolate plus curry = good. Chocolate plus basil = a little weird.
    [1] Or, for that matter, the little animals, or the ugly freckle-like thing.

  9. yami wrote:

    Chocolate plus basil? Do I want to know? Yes, of course I want to know, when did you try that and what were you thinking?
    I’ve tasted other people’s moles, they taste like skin. I don’t have any moles of my own. Haven’t eaten the little animals either. And the star-nosed mole? Ewwww.

  10. wolfangel wrote:

    It was with the sorts of other weird chocolates I mentioned above (chocolate plus pepper is, I think, my current favourite), and you can try it at many independent chocolatiers (here, anyhow). And what I was thinking should be obvious: hey, chocolate!
    Well, true, I think I meant I’ve never eaten other people’s moles, and I don’t want to. Or the animals. The star-nosed mole, however, is cute.

  11. denisdekat wrote:

    The Crab place here in SF is on California I think, between Van Ness and Polk. I just don’t know the name You should try it if you end up around here Do not bring clothes that you do not mind to stain with molten butter globs

  12. Rana wrote:

    Star nosed moles are cute.
    Naked mole rats are not.
    I’ve never had a mole sauce, but I have had some of those artisan chocolates. *droool*

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