Friday Random Ten-and-that’s-it

It’s Friday in many time zones! If someone wants to score this playlist (+1 for each Belgian, -5 for each album purchased at a yard sale or the $1.99 bin, +3 for each album you own and haven’t listened to in ages, etc.) feel free.

  1. Fairport Convention – Jewel in the Crown – The Islands
  2. dEUS – In a Bar, Under the Sea – Serpentine
  3. 1208 – Outside Looking In – Punk-O-Rama Vol. 7
  4. W.A. Mozart – Requiem KV 626 – Offertorium, Domine Jesu
  5. Fairport Convention – Jewel in the Crown – Naked Highwayman
    Statistics! Pfah!
  6. Ben Folds Five – Whatever & Ever Amen – Brick
  7. Pixies – Doolittle – There Goes My Gun
  8. Cherish the Ladies – The Girls Won’t Leave the Boys Alone – The Queen of Connemara / Carraroe Jig / The Lilting Fisherman
  9. Flook – Rubai – G.D.’s / Hooper’s Loop
  10. Gustav Holst – BBC Philharmonic, The Planets – Uranus, the Magician


  1. R Mutt wrote:


  2. Joe wrote:

    pixies was all I recognized in that whole list.

  3. yami wrote:

    You didn’t recognize the Mozart or Holst?
    Incidentally, if you comment using an email address (real or fake, as long as it’s the same each time), you can avoid having your comment go through the moderation queue.

  4. Joe wrote:

    your entry said:
    “W.A. mozart” which now that I understand it is wolfgang amadeus…but at the time I first read your post, I was like “w.a. mozart? whats that, some kind of techno-pop band?”
    And nope, never heard of Holst.

  5. LDH wrote:

    Love the Holst (although I prefer the first 3 movements) — only passingly familiar with the Mozart piece (music school was too long ago) as well as (in general) the artists Fairport (I’m more of a fan of Richard Thompson’s solo work), Pixies and Ben Folds…

  6. Rana wrote:

    I adore No. 5. I’ve rated it five stars. Both copies of it.
    btw, I now have 8 little tomato seedlings and the makings of a bean!

  7. yami wrote:

    The Requiem is the only Mozart I deign to own. The rest of his œuvre – smug, mincing cleverness and crap trumpet parts, feh!
    Rana: Hoorah! Which variety/ies of tomato?

  8. Rana wrote:

    Both! Four of the Black Plum and five of the McMoots Mysteries.
    The bean is one of the dark speckly ones, but it seems to be struggling to break through the top of the little sprouty peat pellet. I guess it’s that heavy bean part that makes it hard. No sign of the other beans yet.

  9. yami wrote:

    Yeah, beans take time to cast off their seed coats. I tried to help some of mine along, and wound up decapitating several…

  10. Ms Bookish wrote:

    Ha! dEUS! I own all their albums plus side projects. Uhm, I didn’t recognise no.s 8 & 9.

  11. yami wrote:

    Ms. Bookish, you’re directly responsible for me owning any dEUS at all.

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