Friday Rock Blogging: Birthday Edition

I was hoping to find pictures of today’s fresh lava at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. But there’s not much happening at Pu’u O’o, and the most recent image update is from Wednesday:

Two days off is enough for a shared party, certainly. And here’s another, that’s 11 years older (minus up to 20 days as the photo is only dated to the life of that particular fissure):

Happy birthday, me and rocks!


  1. wolfangel wrote:

    Happy birthday Yami and lava!

  2. des von bladet wrote:

    Happy birthday rocks and you, and especially you!

  3. Rana wrote:

    (I’ll be sure to tell the tomatoes.)

  4. yami wrote:

    Yay! It was a good birthday, thanks I’m sure to the power of your happy thoughts.

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  6. Modulator wrote:

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