So I’ve gotten myself an Audioscrobbler profile, on grounds that all the cool kids seem to be doing so. Within about 5 minutes of noodling around I found Reelroad, a nice Russian-Irish folk band whose first album is up for downloading in its entirety.

That’s worth at least one of my precious personal data, I think.


  1. Harrison wrote:

    Hmm, guess I should try this. Too bad it can’t poll your iPod.

  2. yami wrote:

    There are hints in the configurator to suggest that it can, but I haven’t yet tried – and perhaps only the Apple/iTunes plugin is so well-oiled.

  3. yami wrote:

    Oh, and let me know if you do sign up, so I can put you on my friends list and feel less isolated. Or something.

  4. Harrison wrote:

    Well I just tried, but sign-up is disabled today.
    I just realized that you can listen to your iPod while connected, via iTunes, so I’m sure it would at least track that…

  5. Harrison wrote:

    Hmmm, just looked at the display of the iPod’s contents in iTunes.
    It maintains a playcout for each track as well as the last time it was played.
    So I suppose all you need to do is have the plugin working, and, voila, data from your iPod.
    Ok, I think I’ve said and written the work iPod too many times today.

  6. yami wrote:

    That’s probably wise of them to temporarily disable signups, I’ve been getting server timeouts up the wazoo.

  7. Harrison wrote:

    I hate when I get timeouts in the wazoo.

  8. Harrison wrote:

    STILL can’t sign up

  9. yami wrote:


  10. Harrison wrote:

    I gone dun and signed myself up!

  11. All Day Permanent Red » Behold wrote:

    […] I finally have an Audioscrobbler profile, thanks to the […]

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