Further Trivialities

One: Visitation

Zoinks almighty, I’ve been visited by celebrity! You may all stand in line for sprinklings of secondhand radio pixie dust.

Two: A Borrowed Rantlet

From Tild, via Feministe

Jebus H Christ! Is there no relief from phones? Is there nowhere we can be free of the eternal everpresence of the goddamn fucking telephone?
I hate telephones. Hate them all.

It doesn’t matter how cool your phone is, or how many things it can do. Doesn’t matter if your phone lets you play Tetris and text message your Aunt Trixie at the same time that you’re bluetoothing for anonymous sex with strangers and photographing your friends undressing in the locker room at the gym and then emailing the pictures to the FBI while you download ringtones of Dark Side of the Moon that come complete with a laser show.

It just doesn’t matter. Phones are evil. Destroy them. Destroy them, I say! Let us return to the happier, saner days of the pithy ten-word telegram.

Damn straight. I was talking to I. last night about this:

I: But you’ll get a cell phone when you’re living in Berkeley, right?
Me: No, no, no, a thousand times no!
I.: Your graduate advisor will probably shove one down your throat you know.
Me: If my graduate advisor wishes to instantaneously contact me outside of the 50-60 hours per week that I’ll be spending in the lab, he can use the special phone embedded in his advisorly ass. I will keep part of my life outside the shadow of work, even if it is only five minutes per day spent hiding under a bridge, curled up in a little ball, crying.

Many: At the Grocery Store

I notice that my value-pack instant oatmeal contains two ostensibly different flavors, “cinnamon and spice” and “cinnamon roll”. Surely the space of possible delicious oatmeal flavors is vast, if not infinite, and in no way induces the evolution of such absurd synonymy? Also, an excuse to buy Oreos (via Tild).

Also also, a green gabbro mashup. Whoa.


  1. PZ Myers wrote:

    Who knew that writing like my teenage daughter would draw in famous science celebrities like Ira Flatow?
    That does it. I’m turning Pharyngula over to my kids.

  2. yami wrote:

    we l33t whippersnappers pwn j00! hahaha

  3. Rana wrote:

    I hear you on the phone rant, even though I have one. I got one so that I could leave the house while waiting for the temp agency to call; now I use it sparingly (1) to call my parents on the weekend using free minutes; (2) as a back-up phone in case D. wants to reach me while I’m on dialup; (3) as a security blanket when I’m driving or similar (in case of accident); (4) as an answering machine; (5) as an address book; and (6) as a clock.
    So I don’t find it too annoying. If I had a lot of people who expected to be able to reach me at all hours, I’d carry it with me, turned off. But yeah, cell phones should be convenient; if they’re a pain, they’re not worth the money.
    I don’t get the whole cell phone culture, obviously.

  4. Rana wrote:

    omfg! Ira Flatow visited your blog! Teh coolness!

  5. yami wrote:

    Yeah, with my tendency towards junker cars I’ve thought about getting a phone sans plan, for 911-only.
    What bothers me is that it’s getting so hard to find pay phones! Maybe once every couple of months I find myself wanting to call someone when I’m not at home or at work, but having to carry around a prepaid phone all the time for such rare occasions would be a huge PITA. I’d have to start carrying a purse, or buying my clothes at not-Goodwill so I could be picky about having lots of pockets.

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