Friday Fluff

There will be no Random Ten this week. Why not? On Tuesday I got a copy of an older Cordelia’s Dad album, How Can I Sleep? and I can’t. Stop. Listening.

It’s in some ways a little underproduced, a few ragged edges here and there, but it’s also exactly what all music should be: shamelessly appropriated old hymns and folk tunes, and plain old-fashioned rocking out candy. (In a pinch I might also accept a little Kuba-cha-cha-cha med joddel, but only if there is a lot of joddel).

Search Requests

  • meaning of meep meep meep
  • how can i waste my time right now
  • fonctionnement de crap cleaner
  • can you tell me all about the ancient egypt glossary
  • jellyfish monkey hybrid


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    Blimey, five (5) Mb a go? It is not small this downloadning we are nonetheless very glad of, tak!

  2. yami wrote:

    Very välkommen! It is due to our small audience that we encode at such comfortable bitrates. The files will vanish sometime this weekend, so all lurky lurkers are advised to get them soon.

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