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From YoungFemaleScientist:

And also, I was annoyed because a couple of the more successful, full-professor women sat on a panel and complained that not enough young women apply for faculty positions, and that’s part of why there aren’t more women faculty.

Like us not applying is the problem.

But when you think about it, our phones are not ringing off the hook with people letting us know about opening that haven’t been advertised yet. Meanwhile I can name several young men I’ve seen sitting on career panels saying how their advisor’s old drinking buddy called up and told them about a job that would be open for applications in a few months. Women are stuck searching for ads, and by the time the ad is out, you’re already behind.


A kitten in bubble wrap. Just imagine the noise!

Blah blah blah Star Wars, blah blah blah Paul Ricoeur – why hasn’t anyone promulgated a hilarious mashup yet? I’d do it myself, but I’m not sufficiently versed in philosophy.


Stone fruit have conquered the farmer’s market, high-budget action movies are in the theaters, I crawl under the couch but no! Summer’s here! Wretched horrible nasty summer.

On the plus side, Friday is my last day at work. If I’m going to die of heat stroke, at least I can do it while lazing about the house in my underpants dribbling popsicle juice onto my nice new laptop. I’ve found both a room for next year and a subletter for July, all that’s left is to dispose of my numerous crappy possessions and purchase a variety of airplane tickets.

I. gave me a shiny print of his shiny new paper tonight. I’m horribly jealous – very few things I’ve done at GeoMonkey would be remotely publishable, even if I were allowed to attach my name. The things that are plausibly interesting, I’m just as happy to not be formally associated with, as for business-y type reasons I’ve lost confidence in them. But zoinks! It’s completely absurd that I feel pressure to publish before I’ve even entered grad school. I need lazier friends.

Jealousy aside, though, I maintain that it is way classier to contort one’s sample abbreviations into obscure acronyms like DEI, or some underground cartoon reference or something, than to giggle at juvenalia such as LSD or SEX or BARF.* Does this make me a dirty hipster, or just a cliquey frat girl? Are there established schools of thought on the best methods of hiding dumb jokes inside otherwise respectable papers?

*Except for BARF. Barf is still a funny word.


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    Equally, I don’t know enough about Star Trek.

  2. yami wrote:

    This is really a problem only Alex Golub can solve, isn’t it?

  3. des von bladet wrote:

    I think it probably is. In my universe Ricoeur was a zombie even before he died, of course.

  4. yami wrote:

    Now he’s a double zombie! Score!

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