Weighted Words v. 1.1

Weighted Words version 1.1 is available! This version will now split words on exclamation points, and contains an option for pretty search URLs. It also fixes an XHTML validation problem with the ugly search URLs.

If you don’t use mod_redirect for pretty permalinks (or you don’t want pretty search URLs), you don’t care about XHTML validation, and you put spaces after all your punctuation marks like a normal person, you don’t really need to upgrade.


  1. hisyam wrote:

    thank you thank you. i’ve been waiting for this!

  2. Shawna wrote:

    I have been using your plugin for over a month and all was fine until recently.All of a sudden, two words in my list when clicked on lead to a No Results Found page.The words are Once and Ourselves.Do you have any idea why?

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