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Long (and old, but I’m cleaning out the blog folder today) but good discussion at Alas, A Blog about rape and the oh-so-tremendous power wielded by we gatekeepers to the Pussy Oversoul: parts 1, 2, and 3. But it’s best encapsulated by this comment from Samantha:

I have a friend who sometimes tries the “you women have all the pussy power” argument. We’ll be in a boisterous row (his preferred method of conversation) and he’ll pull this out to anything I have to say about men having more power than women.

I’ve learned when it comes up to stand, grab my crotch and loudly reply, “I hereby order thee, by the power of my pussy, to agree with the point I just made! The all-powerful pussy demands it!” Then I declare myself the winner of the debate because, you know *points to crotch*, and if he tries to keep going I interrupt him and say, “Hey, the pussy has spoken, Hetero Man. Obey its power.”

I’ve got to try that. I’d need a few beers in me to pull it off, and an appropriately obnoxious bi- or heterosexual male companion… minor details.

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