Testing the Future

This is a test of future-dated posting. It should appear at 6 AM Monday morning (PST) and no earlier. If all goes well, I’ll be dropping a few posts in time capsules to give all y’all a chance to look back fondly upon the fabulous days of June, during the hopefully-not-too-much-less-fabulous days of July and maybe August, while I gallivant around Europe and finish moving all my crap up north – ’cause there’s nothing better than nostalgia for the recent past!

If you would like to join the fun as a guest blogger, all you have to do is sign up here.

Although this place should function well enough on autopilot, and I’ll probably manage to check in once or twice while I’m away, I’m sure it will get lonely with no guest bloggers to keep it company. I have a very limited amount of cleverness available for time-encapsuling, after all, plus it would be sad for new commenters to not have their comments show up for weeks and weeks because there’s no one around to moderate it.

I’m also testing out a cron job to auto-expire a few high bandwidth goodies, so here’s the first of what the iTunes iChing predicted would be plenty of hornpipes: Staten Island Hornpipe (3 MB), off of Tony Elman’s Shakin’ Down the Acorns, Vol. 1.


  1. des von bladet wrote:

    We are signed up, for sure. Do we have to do anything?

  2. yami wrote:

    Hoorah! Doing things is strictly optional, but I’ve promoted you to a thing-doing capacity just in case.

  3. des von bladet wrote:

    Hoorah! We might run a brief series of ocean currents, which are better at causing us to be paid than your silly rocks have ever been.

  4. yami wrote:

    Y’mean science with money in it? Ooh!

  5. des von bladet wrote:

    The way or manner in which we expect to be kept is relatively modest, for sure, but not entirely negligible. (Incidentally, do you have any non-invisible nerd grrrls that would fit in your Yoorp-bound luggage? The ratios in Blighty are by no means what you suggest, and we pine slightly dreadfully…)

  6. yami wrote:

    Hm, I have non-invisible nerd grrls, but not the kind that would fit, alas… plus I think they’re all otherwise occupied for the summer.

  7. wolfangel wrote:

    Hmm. Should I sign up and WREAK HAVOC? Or I can rock-blog: “This is a rock I saw on the ground somewhere. It’s grey.” “These are pop rocks, which are the tastiest sort of rock.”

  8. yami wrote:

    Yes! Havoc! And Friday pop rocks!

  9. wolfa wrote:

    Well, I can now see *when* your posts-to-be are scheduled for. Which is havocky inasmuch as I can post posts with the same title THE DAY BEFORE, then accuse you of being a total copycat.

  10. yami wrote:

    But now that you’ve revealed your nefarious plans, will anyone believe you?

  11. wolfangel wrote:

    I will post photos of kittens, and the cuteness will make me seem more honest.

  12. yami wrote:


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