Friday Rock Blog: The Unenlightened Canadian Edition

Greetings, fair Green Gabbroites – I’m Moebius Stripper, and I live at Tall, Dark, and Mysterious, to the extent that web personas can be described as living online.

I’m gainlessly unemployed at the present, with no job prospects for the next few months at least (few colleges are looking to hire in mid-July), and so I decided to take advantage of my beautiful surroundings and visit all thirteen of the major Gulf Islands that are wedged between the southwest coast of BC and Vancouver Island. I highly recommend them, by the way, if you’re into open spaces and communities built on trust.

But I digress: during my last trip, to Saturna Island, I found some cool-looking rocks (click for bigger):

As I am not a geologist, I am unable to offer any insight into the cool spongey patterns seen there, but if anyone here could, why, I’d be much obliged.


  1. Caelius Spinator wrote:

    Looks like ichnofossils, in this case the burrows of sea creatures like worms and such.

  2. Moebius Stripper wrote:

    Sea creatures! Excellent, thanks; I thought the holes were too perfect to be formed by water or such.

  3. kater wrote:

    I’m afraid the holes are probably not made by exciting sea creatures. I was told the soft sandstone is carved by wave action on pebbles and grit. The Gulf Islands are riddled with these amazing rock formations.

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