Another Tale From The Dreamtime…

The other night, I dreamed I was back in college; the architecture bore some resemblence to a couple of the larger institutions I’ve attended, but wasn’t an exact match to any in my RL experience.

In this dream, my girlfriend was a teenaged Bette Midler (hey, I’ve always been a bit of a ‘nose man’ — one of my gay friends told me once that that was an expression of my latent homosexuality; I kinda thought that theory was maybe his wishful thinking, but anyhoo…)

Anyway, teen-Bette and I were walking from our dorm to the auditorium to buy tickets to a concert. Apparently, this dream-college was *very* close to a beach, as the incoming tide was causing tiny rivlets of water to leak under the glass doors of both buildings that were facing the ocean (no college I’ve ever *really* attended ever even had a view of the ocean…)

The whole walk there, teen-Bette sang in full-rattle-the rafters-in-the-back-row-voice non-stop (can’t remember what song though, although I suspect it was a show tune), and I was thinking: she doesn’t even know that I can sing too, because I can’t get a note in edgewise (yes, I actually think up phrases like that while asleep — fear me now and avoid the holiday rush…)

Once we got to the ticket line, we saw my dream-exgirlfriend teen-Marg Helgenberger entwined with her new boyfriend against a nearby wall (so I proceeded to try to ignore her in an approximation of an “I’m so over you” mode).

As teen-Bette ordered our tickets, someone behind us in line asked if anyone had a pen they could borrow; as I fumbled in my pockets, someone else produced their pen first and the dream concluded (not with a bang but with a bad imitation Sam Beckett whimper…)

[EDIT: all celebrity names used above are *real* and not clever ‘codenames’ for anyone I might actually know out in Meatspace-Prime (not that I haven’t done anything like that in the past, of course, of course…)]

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