Why I am so very slack

Actually, the world is not yet ready for that story. When you’re cleared for the Giant Rat of Sumatra come back and tell us and we’ll reconsider.

But we can reliably inform you that on the eve of our beloved yamlet’s visit, bad nasty terrrristes may or may not have tried again to blow up smokey old Londontown, to widespread indifference:

With tensions high, part of Charing Cross Road had been shut off, apparently because of a suspect package in the street.

As he directed people down side streets, one police officer sighed: “I’ve been telling them but after all that’s gone on today they still want to go through.”

Person! One (non-)bomb was at Warren Street tube, where we like to get off for the Big Waterstones near the main University of London buildings, since Goodge Street has smelly old lifts – or “elevators” – which we hate, and then they’re all sealing off Charing Cross Road, which we generally walk down.

You might’ve thought someone would’ve briefed them that Our Imperial Majesty is unlikely to be in Londontown in a Thursday, but then again the latest seem hardly to be of the brightest or the best, isn’t it?

We’ll tell you what, though but: next-but-one Thursday there’ll be some nails bitten on the Tube, for sure.


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