A Distribution of Props

To Ms. Bookish, for an impromptu rendition of the Danish schoolchildren’s version of various shinies at Rosenborg Slot, and for being the sort of person with whom one can pick up almost where one left off four years ago: Three squillion props

To Francis Strand, for en fabulofika: Two point five zillion props

To Londoners, for failing to do anything more than look at me oddly as I sat next to a pillar in the Liverpool Street Station wearing my large, certifiably security-threatening backpack: Four props. However, I remain dourly convinced that I would have been convincingly harassed at least five times on Friday had I been of darker descent. Five and a half quid for luggage storage, London! Has your first-rank city self never heard of coin-op lockers? Minus two props for inadequate facilities.

To Des von Bladet, for hyggelige and immensely snore-free accomodations, and harbour (harbor) fests, and etc.: Umptyelevensy props

To PieMinister, for PIE!: Squizzleteen props if and only if you establish a franchise in the San Francisco Bay posthaste. America is so very ready for your savory pie nouveau!


  1. Karie wrote:

    That is actually the biggest compliment you could pay me, sweetie.

  2. des von bladet wrote:

    Oh me,
    which am I, and oh my!
    Savour the savoury
    Goodness of pie!
    Our plea,
    is just that you try
    to savour the flavoury
    pieness of pie!
    Praise be
    to you who would fly
    to a once-great democracy
    cargos of pie!
    (By the
    way or the by,
    We have eaten the “candy”
    you left here to die.
    (It was neither especially cold nor delicious, but it was after all “candy”.))
    I see,
    not knowing why,
    in previews, annoyingly,
    lines laid awry.

  3. francis s. wrote:

    It was a great pleasure to do the fik with you… all too briefly, your poor sister sitting in the rain. I hope you got in some quality seeing-stuff time!

  4. yami wrote:

    Indeed I did! And Stockholm got probably the highest temporal photo-density of any place I visited; I quite relish boring everyone with the full illustrated account of How I Walked Around Gamla Stan…

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