I meant to write about this earlier! But then I forgot, as I tend to do.

Yami, so kindly, sent me two books. Possibly these are books she couldn’t otherwise get rid of, but so what? Books! I love books! And I got them, um, a long time ago, and I am looking forward to reading them, yay.

I now have something on the order of eight[1] books to read per day on the trip. Well, maybe not, but I have more than a book per day, even if you count my 7 Jane Austens as one, because they’re all bound together.

Anyways. The real point here was: thank you Yami!

[1] A coworker of mine, when he was little, used the number eight to mean “some unimaginably huge number”.


  1. yami wrote:

    Hoorah! Glad they arrived without an N-month lag or random pages ripped out by the Royal Canadian International Mail Mutilators.

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