Shark vs. Bear

The first Usenet citation for the phrase “Bear vs. Shark” appears to be from 1995, in a discussion about – *sob* – golf, and the “Great White Shark” Greg Norman:

On the Bear vs Shark debate. When I see Greg Norman rip thru tourney wins like I watched Jack do in the late 60’s and 70’s, then I will be overly impressed. I guess I will cut Greg a little slack on not being on a pace to match Jack wins in the majors, because I don’t
see anyone else doing it soon either. -)

Perhaps there’s an earlier citation in a ‘zine someplace that will lift this burden from my heart – surely this timeless battle can’t have originated with yuppies?

This is why I need to found a hippie nerd commune in Buttfuck, Utah: so we can form an authentic wacky nerd culture, uncontaminated by aristocratic sport and Hollywood pandering.*

*Sharks with laser beams originated, as best I can tell, with Austin Powers. Sigh.

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