Travelogue! Days 13-18

Same deal, with the pictures now and words later, hopefully.

Days 13-16: Århus, Copenhagen

Days 17-18: Stockholm


  1. Ruth wrote:

    One of the things that amused me in Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest territories, at similar latitude as Rekyavik, was the orientation of satellite dishes. See our Alaska Highway journal, on, if you haven’t yet. There’s an example on the blue house in the photo of Tuktoyaktuk, (”home” of world famous Tuk U.) That’s at the 69th parallel.

  2. Atomic Bombshell wrote:

    What fun adventures!

  3. Rana wrote:

    Okay, I am a such a geek — I recognize that Hand from The Amazing Race.

  4. yami wrote:

    I didn’t notice the satellite dishes in Iceland, oddly enough – I blame the jet lag, I guess.
    The Amazing Race is geeky? Maybe I should blog less and watch TV more.

  5. Rana wrote:

    Well, The Amazing Race is definitely worth watching. (Though I must admit the next season, though not the one after it, is families rather than pairs, and I can’t decide whether it’s likely to work or not. They just have to keep messing with perfection… *sigh*)

  6. Harrison wrote:

    That hand coming out of the water scares me.

  7. Lala wrote:

    I can´t see any pictures here….Where are they???

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