Friday iTunes iChing

Oh great randomizer: will I ever get my house all clean and empty, and make it up to Berkeley? Or will spend so much time blogging that I’ll miss orientation?

  1. The Covering: Tear the House Down, The Fables (from Tear the House Down)
  2. The Crossing: Folding Chair, Actionslacks (from The Scene’s Out of Sight)
  3. The Crown: Sulerne Flyver, Suleskær (from Over Havet)
  4. The Root: Sleepy Maggie, Ashley MacIsaac (from Hi How Are You Today?)
  5. The Past: Hva’ Fanden Er Det For En Tid At Komme Pe?, MC Einar (from Arh Dér!)
  6. The Future: Fanfaari, Värttinä (from Seleniko)
  7. The Questioner: The Galtree Rangers/The Gneevgullia Reel/Paddy Kelly’s, Mary Bergin (from Feadóga Stáin 2)
  8. The House: Liberty / St. Anne’s Reel, Tony Elman (from Swinging On A Gate)
  9. The Inside: The Sound Of Taransay, The Tannahill Weavers (from Capernaum)
  10. The Outcome: Shoo Fly Pie, Acoustic Mayhem (from their self-titled debut)

Here’s the key, as explained by famous mystic physicist Sean Carroll.

The Covering is so apt as to almost make me believe in this stuff, were it not for the fact that I hit the “randomize” button more than once. The all-seeing all-knowing iTunes repeatedly chides me for being lazy with the Crossing and Root; I can’t understand all of the Past, but it contains some harsh language about what time it is. Although the Outcome is promising, I should get off my duff and clean some more.


  1. Sabine wrote:

    Too cool… I’ll have to try this with a large music folder and a the random function on Media Player (I don’t have an IPOD).

  2. yami wrote:

    It’s way fun, indeed. Though the dud readings always make me feel inadequate, somehow.

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