What I Learned in the Field This Month

I’m afraid my summer photoblogging chronology has been thrown off, as I left the card full of England-pictures at my aunt’s house. It’ll come back to me eventually. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Science!

The first two were taken just north of Lake Tahoe, where UCB has a research station. The rest are from Yosemite National Park, mostly outside Yosemite Valley proper and near Tuolumne Meadows, where we camped at about 8500 ft. You can see the Science in the last picture, in the form of a little blob (a durable thermometer-and-memory-chip assemblage) tied to the tree root. If you’re the praying or crossing-your-fingers type, you may wish to send good vibes to the probe, as these things have a tendency to be washed away during spring floods.

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