Piles of Minute Aggravations

Craigslist people are the flakiest EVAR

  • If you have a job where your boss frequently insists that you work through lunch, why do you keep scheduling appointments at lunch? If you have a job where your boss frequently insists that you work through lunch and you can’t even stop to call or email the person who will otherwise waste an hour just scratching her ass waiting for you, why don’t you report that to Cal-OSHA? Your employer is legally required to give you potty-and-lunch breaks of a length sufficient to allow for a 30-second phone call.
  • When it says “unknown mileage (the odometer is broken)”, it means the odometer is broken and I don’t know how many miles are on the car. Asking yeah, but how many miles are on it? will not magically cause the correct number to appear on the dash.

School, Money, Keys

I have a fabulous office. Although I have four officemates, all four of them decided to claim space in the brightly-lit windowy corner, leaving me (the last one to mark territory) with the dim-but-spacious room-within-a-room. The walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling, but I still have a door of my very own to shut whenever I want, and a window to open and close. I also have the scary moldy mini-fridge, the broken blinds which render my window semi-functional at best, and the least convenient outlets, but those things are all readily remedied. And if you squint a bit, the window has a bay view.

I do not, however, have a key to said office. I’m supposed to get one, someday, eventually; meanwhile I have to beg people to let me in and time my bathroom breaks for when an officemate is around to protect my stuff from scary intruders. Which is why I’m currently on the balcony* blogging and not sitting in my office doing work.

  • I also just got an email asking if I would be willing to give up my classroom key to an adjunct faculty member.
  • Everyone likes to fuss about the order of authorship on a paper or presentation; violating the unspoken rules is the cause of much passive-aggressive consternation. One such rule is “if you don’t want to pay the full submission fee, the student is first author”.

Maybe now there’ll be someone back from lunch to let me in.

*The balcony is one floor up from my office and it really does have a bay view, as well as a comfy old couch.


  1. wolfa wrote:

    So, do you have a mailbox and all now? Because I believe I owe you some delicious treats and/or treat-mixes. (An owing which will likely ultimately wait until I am next in the US to avoid irritating customs issues.)
    I enjoyed a field where authorship was almost always alphabetical. Made life easier.

  2. yami wrote:

    Well, as it turns out my dues aren’t paid up enough to get the discount, so I’m not first author after all. Which is fine, as it would only make me neurotic.

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