Friday iTunes iChing

O great iTunes, you who have pulled me from the depths of petty irritation by getting Lake of Pontchartrain stuck in my head for days on end, you whose beneficent pseudorandomizing is second only to the Great Mother Mandelbrot, I pray that you do my research for me answer my query: can heat loss via ground water circulation really explain the observed low heat flow in the Sierras?

  1. The Covering: March of the Cute Wood Sprites – P.D.Q. Bach
  2. The Crossing: Holst’s First Suite In E-Flat For Military Band – II – Intermezzo- The United States Air Force Band
  3. The Crown: Tiger In My Tank- Split Lip Rayfield
  4. The Root: Allowa Kirk – Ashley MacIsaac (from Fine Thank You Very Much)
  5. The Past: The Blackbird Set:Blackley Of Hillsdale/The Blackbird/The Hankie Dance/Jack Daniel’s Reel/The Farmer’s Daughter- The Tannahill Weavers (from Capernaum)
  6. The Future: The Maid On The Shore – Solas (from Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers)
  7. The Questioner: London Danny – Fairport Convention (from Jewel in the Crown)
  8. The House: Vals i fel dur – Hedningarna (from Hippjokk)
  9. The Inside: An Gasúr Mór/Bunker Hill/Dogs among the Bushes – Altan (from Blackwater)
  10. The Outcome: When I’m Up I Can’t Get Down – Great Big Sea

I’m not sure if the shuffle wants me to identify with the singer of London Danny, or the wife-stealing Danny himself; either way it’s not a good sign. I can only hope the Future means I’ll get to do some field work on the beach to get away from it all. The outcome isn’t promising either (or maybe it is promising, delamination is kinda fun) – though the gravitational potential energy at the top of the Sierras promotes deep circulation of ground water, it doesn’t go deep enough to scavenge significant heat.

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