Let’s please give a belated round of applause to all the fabulous guest bloggers. Yay guest bloggers! Wooooooo spring break!!

Ahem. Two stories from today, and one from this weekend:

  • In a housemate’s class, the GSI (“TA” – unionization brings better working conditions and nonstandard acronyms!) made long, constructive remarks about all the male-dominated groups’ presentations, and said “okay, great, next” to the female groups. Said friend intends to speak to the professor about this, hoorah.
  • A guy was sitting around near the BART station, calling out “hey beautiful! Hey sexy!” to all the passing women. I asked him why he was doing that; he claimed it was a device for meeting girls, I told him he was an asshole. He stood up, loitered for a bit, and went away.

    Fuck this flies and honey shit, I like speaking truth to assholes.

  • The Ani DiFranco discussion has morphed into a giant collage of responses written on scraps of paper, taped to the wall where the lyrics used to be. Coming home tonight, I read the latest developments and realized that at Tech, such a discussion would almost certainly have included the words “FUKKKKK YOU” in black marker. Not only that, but when I playfully bapped someone on the head for making a comment about women being unpredictable, he came up to me later to talk about it! Awww.

    Feeling like even my most hairy-legged concerns are taken seriously is a high like I don’t know what. Being a man, maybe?

It’s hard to get to bed on time in this house, people keep sucking you in to games of Trivial Pursuit when you just wanted a bedtime cup of tea.


  1. Sabine wrote:

    “Fuck this flies and honey shit, I like speaking truth to assholes.”
    Amen to that. Getting called a bitch doesn’t bother me in the slightest (which is always the best thing they can come up with).

  2. yami wrote:

    Heh, yeah, it’s amazing people can’t “think outside the bitch” and be more creative in their responses to uppity wimmins – I mean, they have how much ugly history to draw on?

  3. Moebius Stripper wrote:

    Man, I wish the guys who catcalled me were stupid enough to do it from a bench. But no, they yell out obscenities from their cars, and they’re probably not delusional enough to think that they’re actually going to meet any girls that way.

  4. yami wrote:

    I’m not sure this guy thought his technique was going to *work* – it seemed like more of a face-saving excuse. Because how many catcallers really have the balls to say “yeah, I’m an asshole, I like to make women feel self-conscious and afraid”?

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