Friday Random Ten-and-N

  1. Loretta Kelley – Amerikaspel – Tussedans I Harptjonnberget
  2. David Bowie – Diamond Dogs – 1984
  3. Värttinä – Ilmatar – Lieto
  4. Cordelia’s Dad – Spine – In The Cars On The Long Island Railroad
  5. Matt Pond PA – This Is Not the Green Fury – A List of Sound
  6. Flook – Rubai – Larry – Kalamantinos
  7. Cordelia’s Dad – Spine – Return Again
  8. Perfect Strangers – Perfect Strangers – The Greatest Midwestern Fear
  9. Loretta Kelley – Amerikaspel – Nummer Ein
  10. ABBA – totally illegal download, god only knows where it came from, it probably has rabies – Dancing Queen

And, bonus! A tribute to Nutella from the German welfare state:

Personne pourtant ne s’étonne en Allemagne que le pot de Nutella, cette petite bombe calorique, figure parmi les aliments de base jugés indispensables. Sauf à provoquer des manifestations de rue, le droit au pot de Nutella ne saurait être remis en cause. «Nous n’allons pas retirer la Nutella des tartine des riches», avait promis le député social-démocrate Andrea Ypsilanti en défendant l’introduction d’un impôt sur la fortune. Pas de raison donc de le retirer aux chômeurs. De gauche ou de droite, riche ou pauvre, princesse ou prolétaire, Boris Becker ou l’équipe nationale de football, tout le monde s’en tartine.

No one is surprised in Germany that a pot of Nutella, that little caloric bomb, is judged to be among the basic indespensable foodstuffs. Unless to provoke a riot, the right to a pot of Nutella will not be questioned. “We won’t take Nutella off the open-faced sandwich of luxuries”, promised Deputy Social Democrat Andrea Ypsilanti, while defending the introduction of a luxury tax. So there’s no reason to take it away from the unemployed, either. From left or right, rich or poor, princess or prole, Boris Becker or the national football team, everyone is grooving to the slice of bread.

Je m’en tartine aussi, selvfølgelig, as the co-op buys bulk quantities of Nutella and also almond butter, which together make delicious. [link via]

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  1. ximena wrote:

    Ooooooooooo, alllllmond buttttter….

  2. yami wrote:

    I am trying to wheedle the kitchen manager into buying cashew butter, which is yet another notch up the amazing ratchet of nut butters. Or even better, macadamia butter, but I’m pretty sure that would consume the entire food budget.

  3. Steinn Sigurdsson wrote:

    Nutella AND almond butter, that is just inspired.
    I will experiment with the Big Kid and see if she approves.
    I may try the cashew butter and report.

  4. yami wrote:

    One of my housemates has been eating Nutella and cottage cheese on toast in the mornings. Seems like the kids will eat Nutella with just about anything these days…

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