Friday iTunes iChing

O great iTunes pseudorandomizer, help us lowly ones! What shall happen with the problem of half-time vs. quarter-time teaching appointments?

  1. The Covering: Brak’s Tales of Suspense
  2. The Crossing: The Be Good Tanyas, The Coo Coo Bird
  3. The Crown: Reelroad, ??????????
  4. The Root: Nightnoise, On the Deep
  5. The Past: Stephane Grappelli, The Nearness of You
  6. The Future: The Skels, Swing
  7. The Questioner: Oysterband, Never Left
  8. The House: Stan Rogers, Northwest Passage
  9. The Inside: Flook, Ballybrolly Jigs
  10. The Outcome: Walt Michael, Bermudaful

Here’s the key.

Because this is a public blog I shan’t speculate on who the Coo Coo Bird might be, robbing our poor pockets of silver and gold. But valid guesses range from administrators to Arnold Schwarzenegger – and I’m always up for calling Arnold cuckoo. As you can see from the innocent jigs on the Inside, however, I have no opinion of my own and merely hope that things turn out well for all involved. Clearly my fellow students are in favor of pirating and pillaging any funds we can find, though we don’t have a very good boat and we may end up legless in Halifax because of it… but will some of us end up in Bermuda instead? The oracle is unclear.

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