Friday iTunes iChing

O great and powerful algorithms! Will my print job ever actually print? Or will it just sit in the queue forever and ever amen?

The key.

  1. The Covering: Wolfstone, Jen’s Tune(from Seven)
  2. The Crossing: The Pogues, Rainbow Man (from Hell’s Ditch)
  3. The Crown: Walt Michael, Si Bheag A’s Si Mohr (The Little Fairy Hill And The Big Fairy Hill) (from Music for Hammered Dulcimer)
  4. The Root: Fairport Convention, The Youngest Daughter (from Jewel in the Crown)
  5. The Past: Noe Venable, Papa Ain’t Comin’ Home (from No Curses Here)
  6. The Future: Louise Attaque, Toute Cette Histoire (from Louise Attaque)
  7. The Questioner: Astrosmølfer(from Smølfehits Vol. 1)
  8. The House: Dust Rhinos, Sally Brown/Haul Away Joe (of bastard pedigree)
  9. The Inside: Nena, Satellitenstadt (from Nena)
  10. The Outcome: The Chieftains with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Squid Jiggin Ground / Larry O’Gaff (from Further Down the Old Plank Road)

So the old laserjet has abandonment issues, which it will repeat in the future; meanwhile, I am in space. Looks like I’ll just have to suck it up and read this paper on screen. That’s what you do in space: you read about science on your computer.

Search Requests

  • national day of staplers
  • 13% ear wiggling
  • mr clean is hot
  • vagina iching – [now there’s an oracle I haven’t tried… -y]
  • sniff and taste a product
  • plywood punchlines


  1. John Vidale wrote:

    maybe it’s time for a new, personal inkjet printer, (if the advisor happens upon sufficient resources)?

  2. yami wrote:

    Inkjet printers aren’t the Future, though. I really covet one of the 4-button mice, like you just got, and then maybe I can harness the power of advanced mousing to find an excuse for a 3-D printer or somethin’…

  3. John Vidale wrote:

    Uh-oh, the Future. I hope no one is going around wrestling with Big Issues too much of the time, especially for an issue of $200 and an hours time to go to the campus store.
    Next time I’m at our campus store, I’m getting 2 more of those mice for some of my other computers.

  4. yami wrote:

    Hm, just deleted some ink cartridge spam. Maybe inkjets are the Future after all, if they’re being advertised by robots.

  5. Wren wrote:

    Get permission to use the much-babied printer down the hall instead.

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