An Open Letter

Dear Bay Area:

I know you’re a bunch of hippies. I love that you’re a bunch of hippies. But seriously, this was Earl Scruggs. Earl Scruggs! You had an incongruous quantity of marijuana.

Please do a better job of segregating your numerous subcultures in the future.


  1. LDH wrote:

    Just how much exactly *is* “an incongruous quantity of marijuana”, anyhoo?…
    (IIRC, back when I was in college, it generally took not a few tokes before I could get most anyone else to even listen to any Earl Scruggs…)

  2. s9 wrote:

    Hey, we at least make the cops lay off the bong when they’re on duty. What more do you want from us?

  3. harrison wrote:

    Gah, can’t believe I had to miss that. The Scrugs, that is, not the pot.

  4. Wren wrote:

    The Steve Earle concert was also full of pot, although that’s less of a surprise.
    I was, unfortunately, collared by a woman who wanted to talk about (our) hearing aids for all of Doc Watson. (Finally told her I was having a fabulous time, but I wanted to go see Jimme Dale Gilmore, collected her email, and beat it.)
    Very little pot when I walked through the Dolly Parton concert Sunday.

  5. yami wrote:

    LDH: Enough to fill a significant portion of the breezes, for sure.
    s9: Use brownies whenver a bong would produce acute demographic shock, that’s all.
    Harrison: sigh! There’s always next year.
    Wren: eep! I was with the department kidz for Doc, horrible spot at the back of the crowd, could hardly hear.
    I exploded with chores yesterday so didn’t get a chance to see Dolly, or the Be Good Tanyas for that matter – about which I cry tears of sadness, I can assure you.

  6. jay wrote:

    not sure what this was all about but just wanted to ad that earl was a pot head!!! hell yea!Ive read many old articles and have a earl scruggs 5-string banjo book and
    with a picture of him an his banjo strap has a pot leaf on it( 1 for the hippies!!).

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