Friday Review of Stuff

Places near campus that serve truly wretched mochas:

  • The Thai cafeteria place on Bancroft, just north of Telegraph. It has some sort of name, a very generic sort; they pour the Hershey’s syrup into your coffee while you watch, not even pretending that the word “mocha” has ever implied the kiss of real chocolate. It’s not that places which serve perfectly legitimate mochas don’t also use Hershey’s syrup, but most such places have enough self-respect to pretend otherwise.
  • Unfortunately, the pastry shop on the corner of Hearst and Euclid. Though I hear they have good Thai coffee.
  • ???

Also, I hear from my darling friend R. that the YDA Women’s Caucus needs a new web site. Internetty feminist revolutionaries, this is your chance to infiltrate the mainstream political establishment! Like it or not, the Young Dems serve as a grooming ground for tomorrow’s bullshit internal party politics (a.k.a. “leadership”), so it behooves us all to make sure it’s not just replicating the same old Old Boys.

There’s no cash money salary available for this, but that’s life, ain’t it? Perhaps the enhanced portfolio-ness will be useful. Interested parties should email Jill Habig (jhabig – – –


  1. G wrote:

    The pastry shop has some redeeming qualities: it’s family operated, has marble tabletops and is located on a corner with a nice view. I always end up there, although I agree that their mocha is not good. Have to try the Thai coffee, though…

  2. yami wrote:

    They have nice muffins, too, and the nearest Dr. Pepper that doesn’t involve stealing from my officemate.

  3. Dave wrote:

    I haven’t checked out the Thai places… that might be because I think Crepes-A-Go-Go serves all my needs. I may not be able to live off the goodness they serve there, but I’d totally be willing to try!

  4. yami wrote:

    I haven’t actually had any Thai food from the Thai place, just mocha. Living in a co-op, where there’s food in the fridge regardless of whether or not I am lazy, has severely diminished my explorations of the Berkeley restaurant scene – which is to the overall benefit of my health and wallet, if not my latent dreams of being a food critic.
    While we’re distributing the mad propz, though, I’ll put some in for Tako Sushi (on Telegraph, between, uh, Durant and Channing I think). Sushi with processed cheez! Genius!
    Is Long Life one of those fake meat places? I think an epicurean vegan friend of mine was recently dissing it w.r.t. Golden Lotus in downtown Oakland…

  5. Moebius Stripper wrote:

    Long Life Vegi House is indeed one of those fake meat places. It is right down the street from regular Vegi House. I know this because once I made plans to meet a friend at Vegi House, and he went to LLVH by mistake and we both wondered where the other had gone.
    When I spent a summer in Berkeley, I made a point of visiting as many Thai restaurants as I could. I think that Thai Delight and Cha Am were my favourites.

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